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Characters: Bobby, you
Setting: Various places around the mansion
Content: Bobby deals with his recent phone call in various ways.
Status: Open and incomplete
Threadjacking: Totally cool with me! (LOL PUNS)
Notes: There are a few specific people Bobby should talk to, and that's indicated in the threads, but otherwise... free-for-all! Also: XMH is so great for when I have nothing to do at work. Just saying, you guys. =D
21 December 2011 @ 10:24 am
Characters: Bobby
Setting: Bobby's room
Content: Bobby gets an unexpected phone call...
Status: Complete
Notes: As a result of this phone call, there will be a day-in-the-life type of thread for Bobby posted later today, so keep an eye out for that! Mods, might I suggest a new tag for this arc: [arc] family and friends? =)

Can we work it out? // Can we be a family?Collapse )
06 December 2011 @ 10:07 pm
Characters: EVERYBODY! Starting off here with Kevin (this is Iris btw), Josh, and Bobby.
Setting: The common room, where the big TV is.
Content: I wanted to do some FOH-y stuff. Nothing major yet, just "uh oh stuff is brewing." Come interact with everybody here!
Status: Open and incomplete. You see how handwave-y I got about the actual news report?
Thread-jacking: Dooooooo iiiiitttt

[Some students might be a little bit surprised to see Bobby Drake in his full ice form indoors in the common room, but to Kevin, it's not so weird. They're hanging out watching TV, trying to multi-task by standing behind the sofa and practicing a blocking/striking drill that Kevin originally learned from a Madrox dupe. Kevin's still wearing his gloves and is pretty covered up, but Bobby still humors him. He stays in ice form while the two take turns blocking and striking.

Josh is sitting on the sofa in front of them, jeering at something a sports reporter said. Then the news comes on after his program. Josh is about to turn the channel when something makes him stop. It's about mutants. And a group they are all too familiar with.

"Friends of Humanity," Josh says, turning around to face Kevin and Bobby. "The KKK of our world."

Kevin and Bobby keep doing their drill, while looking at the news report on TV. Kevin then meets Bobby's eyes, whose expression is hard to discern in ice form.

I guess this was the point of all the practice -- being able to keep doing the drill while talking or distracted with other stuff!
Characters: Emma Frost and Anybody. Also, Logan and Bobby should go make appearances. Because Bria said so.
Setting: I dunno. You can decide. Teachers' lounge? Kitchen?
Content: Yeah, I can't even decide on a setting. You want content? LOLZ
Status: Open and incomplete.
Thread-jacking: If you'd like to. Individual threads are fun too.

[Look, Emma Frost is just somewhere around the mansion, okay? She's probably got her nose buried in paperwork because that is how she rolls. People should come talk with her and decide where they are in the tags below.]
04 December 2011 @ 12:05 am
Characters: Forge, Rogue
Setting: Forge's batcave
Content: Stuff that Bria scribbled in her assignment book a month ago and that Kayt strangely liked and said to post as a tagging thing.
Status: Open
Threadjacking: Eh, sure?

“Hey.” The greeting followed up on a knock on Forge’s open lab door. Rogue gave him a small somewhat forced smile. “Mind if I come in?”Collapse )
02 December 2011 @ 01:54 am
Characters: EVERYONE!
Status: OPEN!
Threadjacking: DO IT!

[You've probably seen the flyers plastered all over the school, neon purple and emblazoned with bold lettering reading:


They're for the new karaoke night Ali's insisted her bosses set up, and encouraged everyone within earshot of her ever to attend. You better be planning on attending, or else you'll never hear the end of it.

You're probably bumping into her, skating around the school, catching her heading off to work to set up, or perched on a bar stool impatiently waiting for the fun to begin. In typical Ali form, she's humming and singing to herself, it sure does sound like Blinded by the Light.

Know what song you're gonna sing?
03 November 2011 @ 05:05 pm
Characters: Jono plus Julian plus Forge plus Kevin plus everybody else
Setting: Outside the mansion, near the garage
Content: They are probably going to mock Jono for his non-working car
Status: Open and incomplete.
Thread-jacking: Hooray

[Jono's sitting in the passenger seat of a tow truck. They pull up to the garage of the mansion, hauling a, well, a wreck. As he gets out, the driver helps him unhook the old, yellow, beat-up muscle car with black racing stripes.

Kevin's hand-me-down black sports car looks especially impressive compared to Jono's wreck. About to take off for somewhere, he stops, keys jingling in his gloved hands. "Who do you think you are, a Transformer?" Kevin snorts.

Shows you how much you know, you bugger. This isn't a Camaro. It's a Chrysler Valiant Charger from the 70s.

[Unimpressed, Kevin laughs and leans against his own shiny car. "Well, does it... work?"]

It will. You'll see. [Jono reaches down into the plastic bag he's holding and tosses Kevin a melon.] Have a fruit! We stopped at a fruit market on the way over. [Jono munches into his own melon, as though he and the tow truck driver had somehow become buddies on the short drive to the mansion.]

(So this new Charlie Simpson video partially inspired this.)
07 August 2011 @ 11:07 pm
Characters: Kevin (Iris) plus anybody else
Setting: A lower level of the Danger Room
Content: Training time
Status: Open and incomplete.
Thread-jacking: Hooray


[Kevin's got his cheek pressed up against the .22 long rifle he borrowed from the school's armory. He's on the lower level of the Danger Room, which is where the architects decided to tuck away the indoor range to suppress as much of the gunfire as possible. Still, the shots can still be heard as soft little paf! paf!s on ground level. Here, inside the range, Kevin has his ears protected with heavily padded earmuffs and, as he takes aim, idly wonders if anyone will hear the noise and come join him. The indoor range doesn't get much use -- most students prefer to practice with their powers up on the main level. The Danger Room provides a lot of options for things to aim at. Cyclops used to use the range for target practice, but Kevin's really the only one these days who likes it; as pretty much the only person who doesn't find using his mutant powers fun there's not much of a wait to use the shooting range.

Ali's got those polarizing eyes so she can look at direct light, he thinks. Wonder if she can handle this kind of noise okay, too.

The thought crosses his mind as he switches from the rifle to a .45 pistol - the loudest gun he has. Without proper protection, it packs a punch loud enough to cause permanent hearing damage after only a few shots -- but maybe not to someone with as unusual power as the Dazzler.

The bullet tears a hole into the paper target Kevin's set up. How fast were Julian's telekinetic reflexes? Fast enough to stop a bullet? Certainly not Jono's. Nope -- the big oaf would be dead.

Kevin sighs as he tears a few more holes into the paper. Well. Gotta practice somehow, I guess.
Characters: Anybody
Setting: Common room
Content: Injecting a little life into this place!
Status: Open and incomplete.
Thread-jacking: YES!

[Josh is watching TV, bouncing a soccer ball off his knee even though he's sitting on the couch, and bored. He needs some human (or mutant) interaction!]
27 April 2011 @ 10:53 am
Characters: Julian Keller, you!
Setting: Your dorm room door.
Content: Look this is the start of an epic vacation. Get in line.
Status: Open and incomplete.
Thread-jacking: JACK AWAY.
NOTE: Those tagged are the doors he's knocking on. If your character is not tagged, you're free to throw them in the mix another way.

[Sometimes... Julian is impulsive, rash, and just plain extravagant for the sake of being extravagant. This doesn't necessarily explain why he's knocking on your door, but it's about to.]