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Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

the x-men movie/comic rpg

Xavier's School
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the x-men movie/comic rpg

It's been some time after X3, talk of mutant registration is still a buzzing, controversial topic in the media, and the X-men are still reeling from the deaths of Professor Xavier and Jean Grey. Scott Summers, fortunately, was found at a hospital after the events of Alcatraz, still alive but affected by his encounter with the Phoenix. To add to these disorienting changes, the headmistress of the mutant prep school Massachusetts Academy, Emma Frost, and a few of her favorite students join Xavier's staff and student body after an anti-mutant bombing destroys their school. 

Now the X-men, the students, and faculty must weather through old and new enemies, through their own personal demons, and try to find some kind of peace in these trying times.

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